Liman Hamutuk Mailing List

News from Liman Hamutuk in Timor-Leste

Greetings from Timor,

We are currently in the process of putting together a mailing list for occasional updates about Manna Branca and the disability centre, Liman Hamutuk in Hera.

You are receiving this email because of your previous connections with Branca, so we would like to share with you some of the happenings over the last year. Perhaps you have been a financial supporter, a visitor or helped with the building of the centre. So we thought you might like to see what things look like now, how the students are progressing and maybe some ways that you could help out more.

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God bless you, Branca and staff at Liman Hamutuk.

Fun at the airport for the students from Liman Hamutuk
The admin office at Liman Hamutuk

A recent visit to the airport had the children enthralled:

The admin office space assists with counselling & interviewing parents of students:

The container project remains in recess while importation issues into Dili are resolved. It’s a huge frustration & disappointment to the Packing Crew & to those who regularly support the project with donations of goods. Schools call weekly offering furniture & resources – with many trying to stockpile for the project if they can find space. Thank you for your patience & continuing interest.

We hope to see lots of you at TLV’s Restoration of Independence Day Celebrations in Fremantle on Saturday. No need to book a table – just come along, join the fun & maybe learn some Timorese dances.

It’s at the Italian Club – bring food to share.

Restoration of Independence Celebrations

Sebastian & Taj

Talent, initiative, panache & heart have brought two young Janebrook musicians their moment of fame – & Containers for Timor, a wonderful contribution to freight funds.

Pianist, Sebastian (8)




Violinist, Taj (10)
Family & friends enjoying the recital






Pianist, Sebastian (8) & Violinist, Taj (10) entertained family, friends & invited guests at their afternoon music recital.

Their families enthusiastically supported the two boys, selling delicious home-made Lemon Curd, boxes of ‘to die for’ Cupcakes, Chilli Sauce & Chilli Jam.






Raffle prizes sold well with Taj winning the ‘Harry Potter Box’, Marg the ‘Tea Basket’, Antonio the Baileys & Kath the Wine.

[WARNING! The heat of Cipriana’s Timorese Chilli Sauce is legendary, & really needs a Scoville heat unit rating.]

Amelia & Keila



Rotorac members Amelia, Keila & Linda helped set up & clean up, collect entry fees & serve guests a monumental afternoon tea.

Kath & Keila



Grandmum Marg, Taj & Sebastian





The final tally was over $1700 – an amazing & generous effort by all, but initially due to the thoughtfulness & kindness of these two young guys. Thanks so much.






The Timorese community in WA, with Timor Leste Vision, celebrates the Restoration of Independence on May 20 at the Italian Club, 66 Marine Tce, Fremantle.

Please tell friends & book your $10 tickets on-line : or call Joanne: 0407 195 555. [Children free]

Get a table of 8 together, bring a plate of food to share & enjoy a great night.


The Packing Crew regret to advise that until C33 & C34 are shipped, the project is in recess & the site at Kent St will not be open. Events in Dili way beyond their control have closed the project’s usual import channel. Negotiations are continuing there to locate another means of import. It’s a frustrating time for the Crew, & also for the many people who support the project so generously. The Crew trust you will all understand & wait patiently to hear better news as they are doing.


The Crew’s last day was as busy as ever with donations pouring in non-stop as they usually do on Saturdays, & they rather lost track of all that arrived – but thank everyone very much for their support.

Iris had a boot-load of goods – but she & her friends also held Beetle Drives & sold jam that brought in nearly $500 for freight funds. Two ladies from Notre Dame Catholic School delivered loads of school supplies, as did Janet. Rosa & daughter brought along a wheelchair, walker & hand-crafted rugs & toys. Tom & Scruff were back with more toys, & Briony from Fit 2 Cheer provided new girls sports uniforms.

Paul from One World Uniforms also arrived with huge numbers of new school uniforms, as he has generously done before, but also with corporate wear – jackets, blazers, pants, skirts. There’ll be lots of very smartly dressed young girls & guys headed to school, work or study & feeling very special in their new gear. Thanks Paul!

Please hold all that great stuff for now, come & party Timorese style on May 20 with friends, & we’ll hope to hear those containers will be moved out very soon.

And lastly, the recent Crowdfunding campaign m3 Space for Timor brought in just over $500 towards freight – thanks to Gia, Heiko, Phil, Jan, Peter, Marg & one anonymous donor.



Comoro River, TL

FLUVIAL GEOMORPHOLOGY – not a phrase heard often – but one that naturally springs to mind (as it does!) when Peter sends photos of the riverside road he negotiates between his home & Dili.

Rivers sculpt landscapes, cutting widely or deeply to bedrock, carving new pathways & trans-locating soil & rocks. The shear force of water is amazing – think Grand Canyon, Japanese tsunamis, recent Queensland/NSW floods… & Comoro River, TL.

The road first cracks & then slumps into the river

FLUVIAL GEOMORPHOLOGY is the study of how rivers work, the impact they have on the land, environment & people around them, & of how rivers react to the physical changes people make to their flow regimes.

Sadly, the practices of sand mining rivers, illegal forest logging & destruction of protective riverbank vegetation are all too common – annihilating aquatic ecology & severely impacting channel integrity. The results are often catastrophic & impossible to reverse.

The river takes out the concrete wall & foundations protecting the road

Last year Peter watched with real concern as his road home fractured, banks slumped & the river widened in spite of best efforts by TL engineers to address the problem. Now…

“So much for our new road…the new foundations started falling into the river last night after very heavy rains in the mountains. More coming again tonight. Just looks like a giant broom swept down the river & levelled everything. All the guys working on sifting the soil would have everything gone & possibly all the screens etc. Now lots of machines heading to the river to try to divert the water flow. Good luck with that…. Cheers, Peter”

The cottage at Peter & Ima’s block outside Dili
The visitor’s cottage is close to completion

Peter’s new Air B’nB visitor’s cottage is shaping up really well & should soon be ‘people ready’. Check in there first when you next visit Dili.






  Meanwhile, a new community group has approached our project for help with practical donations of goods they need.

Wedauberek Primary School

In December ‘16, twenty-four young people from 3 rural villages, currently working & studying in Dili, determined to build future development capacity in their area by first focusing on education to help their local school & students.

Wedauberek classroom


UJ-Bertade Association members would welcome support for Wedauberek Central Primary School in their rural community.


They’ve identified that their school needs:

*5 computers & 4 printers [+ supplies] for teachers & students                     *200 desks & chairs for students                                                                     *50 tables & chairs for teachers                                                                       *20 whiteboards or blackboards [+ whiteboard markers & chalk]               *20 filing cabinets [+ files]                                                                             *20 stationery cupboards [+ general office supplies]                                     *20 sets of shelving [bookcases]                                                                     *50 sets of basic & intermediate level English textbooks [+ library books]

Wedauberek students

This request has been well considered by a new group of local young folk recognising not only the need in their area, but that education is their way to progress.

Wedauberek Primary School students watch a class in progress


Wedauberek student assembly






The Packing Crew looks forward to helping locate & stow supplies in C35 to help fulfill their wish list. PLEASE come & help the Crew pack any time – you’ll be warmly welcomed.

Is there a WA school that would like to ‘Sister’ with Wedauberek Primary School – & a community group in WA that would ‘Twin’ with UJ-Bertade?


Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor Inc.             Presentation, AGM and Workshop                                   2-5pm Sunday 30th April   Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre,                   Hope Road, Bibra Lake



Teeki in Timor

Crowdfunding Update: NO CHANGE!                                                               5 donations – $310 – 9 days left to offer your help…                                     C35 may not fly without it.

INTRO: Nateeka, 27, is a teacher from Geraldton in WA. Her Dad built the Hiam Health Malnutrition Centre in DILI. 

“I have been involved with work in Timor-Leste for 12 years, since I first visited on a school Mission trip.           I moved to Atauro Island, Timor Leste at the beginning of 2016. I’m funded by various individuals within my home church in Gerladton & the wider Christian Church in Australia. I work with Fundação Fitun Esperança (FFE) – Star of Hope Foundation.”

“FFE is a Non-Government Organisation that aims to provide a quality education for students in rural areas. The organisation has established four Pre-schools in three villages – Macadade, Maquer & Vila on Atauro Island for students aged three to six.                                            The Pre-schools benefit children in these remote areas, providing access to early education, with long term goals to extend into Primary school, & eventually High school.

Currently the Pre-schools accommodate 160 children – 76 in Macadade, 50 in Vila, & 34 in Maquer – with eight teachers on staff (one Public Employee & 7 government contract workers).

 Programs in teacher training have taken place with teams visiting from Australia & a previous long term volunteer, specialising in education.”

“The organisation also provides further education programs for children & adults, through Computer & English courses, & hopes to set up piano teaching when resources are available. A mini library has also been set up in order to meet the needs of the teachers & students within the Vila community.”

“Within the organisation I teach English classes to high school & adult students, according to the need within the community.


It’s my hope to work closer with the teachers in time, as my English program develops & becomes a little more “second nature”.” – Nateeka

Nateeka received a load of our donations to take to Atauro Island. Atauro often misses out on many things as the ferry to get there, and to get everything there, runs only once a week. “As life is in Timor – nothing can happen in a rush.”

Nateeka will be a great help with coordinating donations to the Island.

“Today I have the exciting task of sharing the things with the teachers here. It’s been a long time coming because of transporting the things over to the island & now catching up with the teachers.”

“I gave the boxes of teaching gear to the teacher on Friday. She was just delighted! We had a little look through together & I explained what some things are for. A bunch of the kids came in to watch what was going on.”

“I was also given several medical books. These I gave to my neighbour who is a nurse. He was very pleased when I offered them to him.” – Nateeka


‘Virtual Walk Through the Wildlife Corridor’

AGM & Public meeting                    2pm to 5pm                                    Sunday April 30th 2017                  Cockburn Wetlands Centre            Hope Road, Bibra Lake.

A presentation by Renata Zelinova; Local Biodiversity Manager at Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA) with many years of experience in advocating for urban bushland protection.


Bits ‘n Bobs         Crowdfunding Update: 5 donations – $310 – 15 days left to donate $$$$$   C35 needs $8000


“Every person in Western Australia has an expectation that when they call an ambulance in an emergency it will come quickly & get the person to a hospital as soon as possible.” (St John Ambulance Inquiry, Oct 2009, DoH)

Our aim is to serve & make a difference to our communities – wherever they are. St John has undertaken several international projects & humanitarian missions, providing knowledge, expertise & resources to communities such as East Timor, Zambia & Nepal. Not to mention training over half a million Western Australian school children in first aid, free of charge. No matter which part of the St John team you join, you’ll be part of something truly meaningful. To find out more about these initiatives visit

Special people, & often unsung heroes – esp. in rural areas where Ambo volunteers do remarkable work. So the Packing Crew were delighted to accept a collapsible stretcher from St John Ambulance Calingiri to send on to TL. Thanks to Nicole & the Ambulance team at Calingiri.


Paul from ‘One World Uniforms’ sent another generous Prado load of new school uniforms, tracksuits & jumpers, plus computer monitors for the Crew to pack. Thanks, Paul – the kids in TL will have even bigger smiles.


Thanks from Kim, at Limun Hamatuk in Hera, TL:  

Just spent today sorting out the contents of boxes you gave us. There are now piles waiting to go to the Disability Centre in Hera, three Timorese pre-schools that are just newly opened in the country areas & even some goodies to go into the care packages we give to people being medevacced to Hospital emergency in DILI on the MAF Timor Leste planes.”

It’s always great to get the goods to those that need them the most…


Great to have another set of hands last week with Dino helping out – & thanks to Lilia & her mum for bags of linen, & for collecting freight funds by selling Christmas cakes, puddings, panforte & handcrafted cheeses. You’re wonderful!!! Lilia is also selling entertainment books right now as a fundraiser – so please buy them from her.


One of Lesley’s mums from her Pre-school Centre in Brentwood has nominated to support the Container project in the ‘HBF Run for a Reason’  Fun Run. Thanks so much!                         May 28 is the date – 4kms, 12kms or a half marathon – what about joining her & giving one of those distances a try?

***                                              Some time back (Dec 2, ’16) this blog featured the 2/2 Commando Association of Australia (‘New Friends’) whose generous grant is supporting freight for C34. The link above connects to an ABC News article – Remembering Australia’s first commandos: The men who stopped the Japanese in Timor”. It makes for remarkable reading, relating how Timorese villagers helped the Aussie soldiers.


‘Virtual Walk Through the Wildlife Corridor’

AGM & Public Meeting 2 – 5pm Sunday 30 April 2017                      Cockburn Wetlands Centre,  Hope Rd, Bibra Lake

Proposed ‘Waves to Wetlands’ Wildlife Corridor

A presentation by Renata Zelinova; Local Biodiversity Program Manager at Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA) with many years of experience in advocating for urban bushland protection.




“Dear Mr Peter…”

WELLLLLL….. after our first week on the Crowdfunding scene, 5 people have bought 2.6 cubes of space in sea container 35 – leaving 77.4 space cubes to go. This means those cubes of space are waiting for YOU to dig out YOUR credit card & buy one, or even a bit of one! There are about 150 of YOU reading this blog, plus many, many more on Facebook sites that have this link – so what about it? Why hang back?

That’s the link – click on that & the campaign will pop up – then you can give that credit card an airing & help the Packing Crew buy C35, to ship full of aid to Timor Leste. Remember what we do? We help the people of Timor Leste – one sea container at a time. So can YOU!                     SPREAD THE WORD!

Don Bosco Lospalos & Colegio Lospalos

Dear Mr. Peter and Rotary Club

How are you? I hope that everything going well. In this occasion, once again from the bottom of heart, I would like to thank you Mr. Peter, Mrs. Emanuela, Rotary Club and all generous people who were already helping us in Colegio Fatumaca for books, clothes and other goods. Especially books which very helpful for us both teachers and students in the process of learning.

The orphanage in Lospalos, TL

Last January, I received obedience from our superiors to transfer from Don Bosco Fatumaca to Don Bosco Lospalos. And now I am already in Lospalos. Therefore in this e mail, I would like to describe a little about our situation here. Don Bosco Lospalos is working four different areas such as: Parish, formation for young people, youth center and the Orphanage.

The orphanage study hall at Lospalos

The area of Lospalos parish cover from southern part of Lospalos (Lore) up to Tutuala (eastern part). People of this parish majority are young. Along with our religious services we also put in some place youth activities such as formation for the kids on week end. The people who give formation are our youth leaders.

The youth leaders classroom at Lospalos

The orphans our 70 boys are coming from different area of Lospalos and some are coming from other district. They stay in the orphanage but they study in different basic schools around us.

Therefore to continue these works, we need your support such as books (sciences, encyclopedia, language and general knowledge, dictionary), musical instruments (guitar, piano, drums, etc), sports instruments (soccer ball, basketball, volleyball).

Youth leaders at work at Lospalos

Once again thank you very much for help and continue to help us in our prayer. Through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John Bosco , we always remember in our daily mass and daily prayer.

Youth leaders at play in Lospalos

Regards to your family, friends and love ones. May God bless you and your Family.

Fr. Tomas Gusmao de Carvalho, SDB.

Youth activities in Lospalos
The K Team packed up Smart Board components for Timor from Peter & Warriapendi Primary School – Thanks so much!
It’s hot & airless deep in the ‘box’ – John considers what best will fit next

Peter is back in Perth for a couple of weeks, catching up with many friends & associates of the project.

He joined the Packing Crew last Saturday helping pack C34 with 9 Kalamunda Rotoract members – our ‘K Team’. Thanks guys ‘n gals – tremendously helpful to the Crew. C34 is now half packed with great stuff – esp. lots of medical aids, linen & school desks & chairs.

Thanks Pat & John for your valued contributions from East Freo & Santas W’shop.

Argentinian exchange student Cammi enjoyed a different day helping TL

As in past years, Marielle has packed hundreds of Christmas presents for orphanage kids – helping Santa in Timor – amazing! Marielle also nurses & lectures in nursing. It’s always said ‘busy people have the most time’ – & she certainly lives that.

Meanwhile, our Dave was on hand during the week to salvage heaps of cricket gear – thanks so much to the Cricket Association who wanted a good home for it.



C35 Crowd Funding Campaign

Timor Leste – population 1.2 million

G’day! Welcome to Timor Leste! – the world’s newest nation

50% of its people live below the poverty line                                     45% of its people are aged under 14 years                                           adult literacy is at 58%                   the under 5 years mortality rate is 56.5 per 1000 children                 (source: World Bank/UN Data)

The Rainbow Connection: West Oz to TL

Since 2010, our project volunteers, the Packing Crew, have loaded 34 large sea containers, each holding over 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid, for Timorese communities in need.

Our new Crowd Funding goal is to raise a total of $8,000 to buy & ship Sea Container 35.                 All your help is welcome.             Our campaign starts Tuesday March 7 – asking people to buy a cubic metre of space in C35 for us to fill & send to Timor.

Our website is

We are offering the following perks to donors:

We’ll graffiti YOUR NAME onto our 35th sea container – or we’ll welcome YOU to autograph it yourself on site at Kent St Senior High School, WA & YOU can add your own personal message for Timor Leste.

YOU’LL have helped our local WASTEWISE: REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE REPURPOSE…mission for beds, clothes, desks, chairs, linen, shoes, computers, bookcases, bicycles, school uniforms & heaps else.

Many of our fabulous donations of humanitarian aid for Timor are brand new – but we also divert tonnes of great items destined for landfill & Council roadside pickups – & YOU’LL have helped.

We’ll offer YOU ‘the sleep of the just’ that all our Packing Crew swear they enjoy in the knowledge that after 6 years of their efforts:

More than 14,000 school children are seated on chairs at desks.                                 Wheelchairs & crutches are providing mobility for the aged, ill & injured.

Chairs & hospital beds furnish maternity clinic waiting rooms for ‘mums & bubs’.

Bicycles are helping carers deliver ‘meals on wheels’ – & students access schools 2 hours walk away.

Computers are linking rural Timorese communities to the world.

Sea containers are being repurposed into libraries & workshops.

Many more families & children are enjoying life basics – cutlery, crockery, cooking pots, bedding and school clothes.

Please help us to help more – raise project awareness & freight funds by sharing this campaign with friends.

If you can send this info to 100 people via social media or email we’ll get a great response.

Our Mascot: Spooky Possum Pug – The Face of Timor Containers!

With our thanks – the Friends of Timor Containers Packing Crew!







Liman Hamutuk at Hera

Dear Peter Snell and people from the Rotary Club. We thank you so much for your generous donation. The Liman Hamutuk kids love to play, to explore and to learn and your help is making this possible!

Thank you!                                                                                              Kind regards Kim and Deborah

Loosely translated, Liman Hamutuk means ‘putting helping hands together’ – as happens at this Centre for disabled children in Hera, a town just east of Dili. Branca, a Brazilian missionary, established the Centre some 15 years ago.

Each Wednesday, the Centre’s mini bus collects students & their carers, delivering them for a morning of activities, breakfast, songs & lunch before heading home again. A doctor usually helps out with medical issues too.

Kim from Australia, & Deb from Switzerland, whose husbands are both pilots with MAF, volunteer at the Centre – facing challenges beyond their previous experiences working with children with special needs & disabilities.

They’ve found the children really happy, & keen to participate in any activities. The children’s only support is from their families & the Centre staff.

Kim & Deb have had to learn the local language, & also learn sign language to be able to teach the children.

Their lessons need options for those who can hear or not, those who can write or draw or not, those who can sign & those who can speak – every task needing planning & diversity.

Coloured pencils, crayons & colouring books are luxuries for most families here – but offer artistic expression & learning opportunities to which the children respond & love. Kim & Deb have also taught the children ‘pretend play’ with old kitchen utensils & ‘dress-ups’ with old clothes, as Aussie kids do.

Kim, Ima & Deborah

Peter & Ima delivered donations to Liman Hamutuk recently that were greatly appreciated.

Peter was particularly struck by the wide range of needs for which the Centre must cater.

Deborah commented:

On my very first visit at the centre I met a group of kids with no chance of getting some education, because of their disabilities, but with a hunger to learn and to embrace life. Among their mums I saw shame and insecurity. And I saw Timorese staff with a heart for these people, but with very little knowledge and resources to meet these needs.

The Packing Crew think that’s reason enough to work outdoors in 38 degrees (as a ‘bakers dozen’ of us did last Saturday) loading C34 with bags of hospital curtains, boxes of little kids library books & games, kitchenware, kids sports clothes, bags of shoes, bed linen, medical supplies & even an electronic keyboard. Extra help from Jose & Hamish that day was welcomed.

The header photo shows children, carers & staff visiting the MAF hangar at Dili International Airport. The children had never seen a real aircraft up close or been inside one – & were completely spellbound. Deb & Kim are making a real difference in Hera – offering opportunities for these kids & their carers to live.

It’s BIG! It’s BLUE! It’s a new BOX!

ICL deliver C34

After 33 sea containers, the Crew still feel excited when the next one arrives… C34 is on site!

All 4 tonnnes is on the ground




Last Saturday was quite overwhelming with so many deliveries that the guys struggled to keep up!

Next Saturday the challenge will be even greater… to sort & load them tightly.

One of 2 new hospital beds for TL
The Little Green Truck was full of medical goods for TL







Beth, Peter, Michael & Tony arrived from RC Rockingham  with an amazing quantity of brilliant medical equipment… a truck + ute + trailer load including:

  • 50 walkers
  • arm loads of crutches
  • 2 hospital beds
  • anatomical body-part models for training (male & female)
  • rehab/surgical chairs
  • zimmer frames
  • shower chairs & shower stools
  • & more

At one point a disembodied head was seen alone on the tailgate!

Medical equipment for Timor

Two Peter’s arrived with 2 loads – stationery cupboards, padded bench seats, lockers, heavy duty mail bags, under-bench filing drawers, whiteboards/pin boards – and brickies tools/equipment & electric fans in the other load. Tom & Scruff were there again too with toys, sports gear & kitchenware.

Lori took out the award for the most unusual item of the day – a non-contact tonometer for measuring corneal thickness – that will head to an eye clinic. But also a projector screen & a large high powered scientific lamp.

Fernando unloads Ventura Home Group donations
New stove tops, sinks & range hoods from VHG







Ventura Home Group, via Fernando of our Packing Crew donated new:

  • sinks
  • stove tops
  • lamps & furnishings
  • rangehoods

…from their display homes. Very generous – thanks, Ventura.

Cipriana and John load Ventura donations

Timor Friend, Rosa, has knitted more beautiful wooly rugs & baby jackets for those in the mountains where it can be quite cool, while Denni brought pillows & linen.

John delivered large bags of sewing fabrics that Fremantle Soroptomists collect & pack for the project. Timor sewing groups will be delighted with them.

And all these generous donations of great goods are ongoing for Timor.

Once people visit the project onsite & understand what we do & how we work, they are always keen to help further. There are relatively few of us working this project for the 23 tonnes we pack into each ‘box’ – last Saturday just 9 of us – so it was great to welcome Ken’s new face & extra hands, keen to help load each week from now on.


A well-earned cuppa for Adelaide, Andy, Marielle, Kingsley, Sak & Clem – & Cipriana’s cakes were rated very highly too!

And while the donations got a tad out of hand, another Crew from RC Como were hard at work prepping the Working Container for a facelift – removing rust, flaking paint & stencils ready for fresh paint on a cooler day – the metal boxes get so hot.

Hard at work – Steph, Clem, Dan & Adelaide
The kindy stools were ideal for Sak & Andy



Huge thanks to all the scrubbers & scrapers for a top class job – Steph, Dan, Andy, Sak, Kingsley & pooch, Marielle, Adelaide & Clementine.

A long job on a hot day on the shady side


You were all brilliant!

Kingsley worked hard on rust removal
The girls & Kingsley did a great job










Last week, our thanks again to One World Uniforms for a Prado-sized load of top quality new school uniforms now safely packed into C34. Dave added 15 sacks of linen for orphanages. And at long last we began clearing the shed, moving out school desks, bicycles & work stations stored for way too long. Mike & John plan to fill it up again next Tuesday with computers, bookcases & more school uniforms – but hopefully not for long.

Some of us dream the shed will be empty one day – and others of us just have nightmares!



TL Projects

Please support TLV (below) – another great organisation helping TL.


Timor Leste Vision is an NGO based in Perth, working in partnership with the people of Timor Leste to support & strengthen local communities. TLV’s current project is to provide water & sanitation to the village of Funar, which has 2 schools & approx 1790 people. Funar’s only water source is a 7km walk away. The 2 main stages of work for the project are: Stage 1: Water System Repairs & Delivery Stage 2: Sanitation For more information please contact us or

Please join the Timor Leste Vision team on 17 Feb in Northbridge at 6pm for their ‘HIDDEN FIGURES’ Movie Night. ‘Hidden Figures’ is a film about three brilliant African-American women at NASA who serve as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in history: the launch of astronaut John Glenn (Glen Powell) into orbit.

Tickets are only $20.00 & can be purchased here

All profits go to the Funar Water and Sanitation Project. Contact Joanne on 0407195555 or


C33 is full – & the Packing Crew are keen to see it shipped & start loading C34. With no space at our site for another container, we’re at a standstill – & our storage, again, is at capacity. So, PLEASE – no more donations until C34 arrives. Last Saturday the Crew were inundated again – & while they greatly appreciate the project support – THERE’S NO SPACE LEFT!

Footings completed for the new cottage
Footings underway for the short stay cottage


Meanwhile, Peter is never short of a project in Dili & has begun work on a short-stay accomodation cottage that you can all book into when next you visit TL.

Apart from containers, Peter will now be an in-country support base for community projects and Leavers groups etc. Sounds like an ideal plan! Peter has really inspired the young Leavers he has worked with to date.


Rotary clubs around Australia fund & run many varied projects in TL – 35 of which are listed on their RAWCS website – the 4 below are from WA.

Project Number 64.                                                                                                 2011-12. Hamlets of Eraulo Water Project – Eraulo, Timor-Leste (WR-001-2012)                                                                                                                                                               To provide funds that will allow the completion of a commenced 10-12 kilometre pipeline from the water source 2000 metres above sea level via a PVC pipe and gravity feed ten surrounding hamlets, Eraulo, Timor-Leste
Manager PP Mike Bermann Email:
Sponsored by Rotary Club of Ascot, District 9465

Project Number 21.
2011-12. Water & Sanitation Projects in the Baucau/Com, Los Palas and Viqueque districts, Timor-Leste
To supply additional sources of safe, secure and sustainable water to Baucau/Com, Los Palas and Viqueque districts, Timor-Leste. Also to carry out maintenance and security to village schools.(WR-013-2011)
Manager Mr Maxwell Bird (H) 08 9419 5835 (M) 0419 045 835 Email:
Sponsored by Rotary Club of Kwinana; Byford, District 9465

Project Number 14.
2011-12. Kalamunda Schoolies, Timor-Leste (WR-012-2011)
To provide an opportunity for 14 young people from the Shire of Kalamunda, WA to celebrate the end of 12 years education by making a difference in the lives of others through volunteering in Timor-Leste.
Manager Ms Fiona Lamb (H) 08 9291 9954 (M) 0407 472 946 Email:
Sponsored by Rotary Club of Kalamunda, District 9455

Project Number 5.
2007-08. Timor-Leste Tube Wells Project
To sink bores and equip with hand pumps, maintain the pumps and train local people in installation and water management in Timor-Leste.
Manager PP Peter Snell Email:
Sponsored by Rotary Club of Bentley Curtin, District 9465