It’s BIG! It’s BLUE! It’s a new BOX!

ICL deliver C34

After 33 sea containers, the Crew still feel excited when the next one arrives… C34 is on site!

All 4 tonnnes is on the ground




Last Saturday was quite overwhelming with so many deliveries that the guys struggled to keep up!

Next Saturday the challenge will be even greater… to sort & load them tightly.

One of 2 new hospital beds for TL
The Little Green Truck was full of medical goods for TL







Beth, Peter, Michael & Tony arrived from RC Rockingham  with an amazing quantity of brilliant medical equipment… a truck + ute + trailer load including:

  • 50 walkers
  • arm loads of crutches
  • 2 hospital beds
  • anatomical body-part models for training (male & female)
  • rehab/surgical chairs
  • zimmer frames
  • shower chairs & shower stools
  • & more

At one point a disembodied head was seen alone on the tailgate!

Medical equipment for Timor

Two Peter’s arrived with 2 loads – stationery cupboards, padded bench seats, lockers, heavy duty mail bags, under-bench filing drawers, whiteboards/pin boards – and brickies tools/equipment & electric fans in the other load. Tom & Scruff were there again too with toys, sports gear & kitchenware.

Lori took out the award for the most unusual item of the day – a non-contact tonometer for measuring corneal thickness – that will head to an eye clinic. But also a projector screen & a large high powered scientific lamp.

Fernando unloads Ventura Home Group donations
New stove tops, sinks & range hoods from VHG







Ventura Home Group, via Fernando of our Packing Crew donated new:

  • sinks
  • stove tops
  • lamps & furnishings
  • rangehoods

…from their display homes. Very generous – thanks, Ventura.

Cipriana and John load Ventura donations

Timor Friend, Rosa, has knitted more beautiful wooly rugs & baby jackets for those in the mountains where it can be quite cool, while Denni brought pillows & linen.

John delivered large bags of sewing fabrics that Fremantle Soroptomists collect & pack for the project. Timor sewing groups will be delighted with them.

And all these generous donations of great goods are ongoing for Timor.

Once people visit the project onsite & understand what we do & how we work, they are always keen to help further. There are relatively few of us working this project for the 23 tonnes we pack into each ‘box’ – last Saturday just 9 of us – so it was great to welcome Ken’s new face & extra hands, keen to help load each week from now on.


A well-earned cuppa for Adelaide, Andy, Marielle, Kingsley, Sak & Clem – & Cipriana’s cakes were rated very highly too!

And while the donations got a tad out of hand, another Crew from RC Como were hard at work prepping the Working Container for a facelift – removing rust, flaking paint & stencils ready for fresh paint on a cooler day – the metal boxes get so hot.

Hard at work – Steph, Clem, Dan & Adelaide
The kindy stools were ideal for Sak & Andy



Huge thanks to all the scrubbers & scrapers for a top class job – Steph, Dan, Andy, Sak, Kingsley & pooch, Marielle, Adelaide & Clementine.

A long job on a hot day on the shady side


You were all brilliant!

Kingsley worked hard on rust removal
The girls & Kingsley did a great job










Last week, our thanks again to One World Uniforms for a Prado-sized load of top quality new school uniforms now safely packed into C34. Dave added 15 sacks of linen for orphanages. And at long last we began clearing the shed, moving out school desks, bicycles & work stations stored for way too long. Mike & John plan to fill it up again next Tuesday with computers, bookcases & more school uniforms – but hopefully not for long.

Some of us dream the shed will be empty one day – and others of us just have nightmares!