C35 Crowd Funding Campaign

Timor Leste – population 1.2 million

G’day! Welcome to Timor Leste! – the world’s newest nation

50% of its people live below the poverty line                                     45% of its people are aged under 14 years                                           adult literacy is at 58%                   the under 5 years mortality rate is 56.5 per 1000 children                 (source: World Bank/UN Data)

The Rainbow Connection: West Oz to TL

Since 2010, our project volunteers, the Packing Crew, have loaded 34 large sea containers, each holding over 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid, for Timorese communities in need.

Our new Crowd Funding goal is to raise a total of $8,000 to buy & ship Sea Container 35.                 All your help is welcome.             Our campaign starts Tuesday March 7 – asking people to buy a cubic metre of space in C35 for us to fill & send to Timor.

Our website is http://www.chuffed.org/project/cubed-space-for-timor

We are offering the following perks to donors:

We’ll graffiti YOUR NAME onto our 35th sea container – or we’ll welcome YOU to autograph it yourself on site at Kent St Senior High School, WA & YOU can add your own personal message for Timor Leste.

YOU’LL have helped our local WASTEWISE: REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE REPURPOSE…mission for beds, clothes, desks, chairs, linen, shoes, computers, bookcases, bicycles, school uniforms & heaps else.

Many of our fabulous donations of humanitarian aid for Timor are brand new – but we also divert tonnes of great items destined for landfill & Council roadside pickups – & YOU’LL have helped.

We’ll offer YOU ‘the sleep of the just’ that all our Packing Crew swear they enjoy in the knowledge that after 6 years of their efforts:

More than 14,000 school children are seated on chairs at desks.                                 Wheelchairs & crutches are providing mobility for the aged, ill & injured.

Chairs & hospital beds furnish maternity clinic waiting rooms for ‘mums & bubs’.

Bicycles are helping carers deliver ‘meals on wheels’ – & students access schools 2 hours walk away.

Computers are linking rural Timorese communities to the world.

Sea containers are being repurposed into libraries & workshops.

Many more families & children are enjoying life basics – cutlery, crockery, cooking pots, bedding and school clothes.

Please help us to help more – raise project awareness & freight funds by sharing this campaign with friends.

If you can send this info to 100 people via social media or email we’ll get a great response.

Our Mascot: Spooky Possum Pug – The Face of Timor Containers!

With our thanks – the Friends of Timor Containers Packing Crew!