“Dear Mr Peter…”

WELLLLLL….. after our first week on the Crowdfunding scene, 5 people have bought 2.6 cubes of space in sea container 35 – leaving 77.4 space cubes to go. This means those cubes of space are waiting for YOU to dig out YOUR credit card & buy one, or even a bit of one! There are about 150 of YOU reading this blog, plus many, many more on Facebook sites that have this link – so what about it? Why hang back?


That’s the link – click on that & the campaign will pop up – then you can give that credit card an airing & help the Packing Crew buy C35, to ship full of aid to Timor Leste. Remember what we do? We help the people of Timor Leste – one sea container at a time. So can YOU!                     SPREAD THE WORD!

Don Bosco Lospalos & Colegio Lospalos

Dear Mr. Peter and Rotary Club

How are you? I hope that everything going well. In this occasion, once again from the bottom of heart, I would like to thank you Mr. Peter, Mrs. Emanuela, Rotary Club and all generous people who were already helping us in Colegio Fatumaca for books, clothes and other goods. Especially books which very helpful for us both teachers and students in the process of learning.

The orphanage in Lospalos, TL

Last January, I received obedience from our superiors to transfer from Don Bosco Fatumaca to Don Bosco Lospalos. And now I am already in Lospalos. Therefore in this e mail, I would like to describe a little about our situation here. Don Bosco Lospalos is working four different areas such as: Parish, formation for young people, youth center and the Orphanage.

The orphanage study hall at Lospalos

The area of Lospalos parish cover from southern part of Lospalos (Lore) up to Tutuala (eastern part). People of this parish majority are young. Along with our religious services we also put in some place youth activities such as formation for the kids on week end. The people who give formation are our youth leaders.

The youth leaders classroom at Lospalos

The orphans our 70 boys are coming from different area of Lospalos and some are coming from other district. They stay in the orphanage but they study in different basic schools around us.

Therefore to continue these works, we need your support such as books (sciences, encyclopedia, language and general knowledge, dictionary), musical instruments (guitar, piano, drums, etc), sports instruments (soccer ball, basketball, volleyball).

Youth leaders at work at Lospalos

Once again thank you very much for help and continue to help us in our prayer. Through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John Bosco , we always remember in our daily mass and daily prayer.

Youth leaders at play in Lospalos

Regards to your family, friends and love ones. May God bless you and your Family.

Fr. Tomas Gusmao de Carvalho, SDB.

Youth activities in Lospalos
The K Team packed up Smart Board components for Timor from Peter & Warriapendi Primary School – Thanks so much!
It’s hot & airless deep in the ‘box’ – John considers what best will fit next

Peter is back in Perth for a couple of weeks, catching up with many friends & associates of the project.

He joined the Packing Crew last Saturday helping pack C34 with 9 Kalamunda Rotoract members – our ‘K Team’. Thanks guys ‘n gals – tremendously helpful to the Crew. C34 is now half packed with great stuff – esp. lots of medical aids, linen & school desks & chairs.

Thanks Pat & John for your valued contributions from East Freo & Santas W’shop.

Argentinian exchange student Cammi enjoyed a different day helping TL

As in past years, Marielle has packed hundreds of Christmas presents for orphanage kids – helping Santa in Timor – amazing! Marielle also nurses & lectures in nursing. It’s always said ‘busy people have the most time’ – & she certainly lives that.

Meanwhile, our Dave was on hand during the week to salvage heaps of cricket gear – thanks so much to the Cricket Association who wanted a good home for it.