Comoro River, TL

FLUVIAL GEOMORPHOLOGY – not a phrase heard often – but one that naturally springs to mind (as it does!) when Peter sends photos of the riverside road he negotiates between his home & Dili.

Rivers sculpt landscapes, cutting widely or deeply to bedrock, carving new pathways & trans-locating soil & rocks. The shear force of water is amazing – think Grand Canyon, Japanese tsunamis, recent Queensland/NSW floods… & Comoro River, TL.

The road first cracks & then slumps into the river

FLUVIAL GEOMORPHOLOGY is the study of how rivers work, the impact they have on the land, environment & people around them, & of how rivers react to the physical changes people make to their flow regimes.

Sadly, the practices of sand mining rivers, illegal forest logging & destruction of protective riverbank vegetation are all too common – annihilating aquatic ecology & severely impacting channel integrity. The results are often catastrophic & impossible to reverse.

The river takes out the concrete wall & foundations protecting the road

Last year Peter watched with real concern as his road home fractured, banks slumped & the river widened in spite of best efforts by TL engineers to address the problem. Now…

“So much for our new road…the new foundations started falling into the river last night after very heavy rains in the mountains. More coming again tonight. Just looks like a giant broom swept down the river & levelled everything. All the guys working on sifting the soil would have everything gone & possibly all the screens etc. Now lots of machines heading to the river to try to divert the water flow. Good luck with that…. Cheers, Peter”

The cottage at Peter & Ima’s block outside Dili
The visitor’s cottage is close to completion

Peter’s new Air B’nB visitor’s cottage is shaping up really well & should soon be ‘people ready’. Check in there first when you next visit Dili.






  Meanwhile, a new community group has approached our project for help with practical donations of goods they need.

Wedauberek Primary School

In December ‘16, twenty-four young people from 3 rural villages, currently working & studying in Dili, determined to build future development capacity in their area by first focusing on education to help their local school & students.

Wedauberek classroom


UJ-Bertade Association members would welcome support for Wedauberek Central Primary School in their rural community.


They’ve identified that their school needs:

*5 computers & 4 printers [+ supplies] for teachers & students                     *200 desks & chairs for students                                                                     *50 tables & chairs for teachers                                                                       *20 whiteboards or blackboards [+ whiteboard markers & chalk]               *20 filing cabinets [+ files]                                                                             *20 stationery cupboards [+ general office supplies]                                     *20 sets of shelving [bookcases]                                                                     *50 sets of basic & intermediate level English textbooks [+ library books]

Wedauberek students

This request has been well considered by a new group of local young folk recognising not only the need in their area, but that education is their way to progress.

Wedauberek Primary School students watch a class in progress


Wedauberek student assembly






The Packing Crew looks forward to helping locate & stow supplies in C35 to help fulfill their wish list. PLEASE come & help the Crew pack any time – you’ll be warmly welcomed.

Is there a WA school that would like to ‘Sister’ with Wedauberek Primary School – & a community group in WA that would ‘Twin’ with UJ-Bertade?


Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor Inc.             Presentation, AGM and Workshop                                   2-5pm Sunday 30th April   Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre,                   Hope Road, Bibra Lake