Restoration of Independence Celebrations

Sebastian & Taj

Talent, initiative, panache & heart have brought two young Janebrook musicians their moment of fame – & Containers for Timor, a wonderful contribution to freight funds.

Pianist, Sebastian (8)




Violinist, Taj (10)
Family & friends enjoying the recital






Pianist, Sebastian (8) & Violinist, Taj (10) entertained family, friends & invited guests at their afternoon music recital.

Their families enthusiastically supported the two boys, selling delicious home-made Lemon Curd, boxes of ‘to die for’ Cupcakes, Chilli Sauce & Chilli Jam.






Raffle prizes sold well with Taj winning the ‘Harry Potter Box’, Marg the ‘Tea Basket’, Antonio the Baileys & Kath the Wine.

[WARNING! The heat of Cipriana’s Timorese Chilli Sauce is legendary, & really needs a Scoville heat unit rating.]

Amelia & Keila



Rotorac members Amelia, Keila & Linda helped set up & clean up, collect entry fees & serve guests a monumental afternoon tea.

Kath & Keila



Grandmum Marg, Taj & Sebastian





The final tally was over $1700 – an amazing & generous effort by all, but initially due to the thoughtfulness & kindness of these two young guys. Thanks so much.






The Timorese community in WA, with Timor Leste Vision, celebrates the Restoration of Independence on May 20 at the Italian Club, 66 Marine Tce, Fremantle.

Please tell friends & book your $10 tickets on-line : or call Joanne: 0407 195 555. [Children free]

Get a table of 8 together, bring a plate of food to share & enjoy a great night.


The Packing Crew regret to advise that until C33 & C34 are shipped, the project is in recess & the site at Kent St will not be open. Events in Dili way beyond their control have closed the project’s usual import channel. Negotiations are continuing there to locate another means of import. It’s a frustrating time for the Crew, & also for the many people who support the project so generously. The Crew trust you will all understand & wait patiently to hear better news as they are doing.


The Crew’s last day was as busy as ever with donations pouring in non-stop as they usually do on Saturdays, & they rather lost track of all that arrived – but thank everyone very much for their support.

Iris had a boot-load of goods – but she & her friends also held Beetle Drives & sold jam that brought in nearly $500 for freight funds. Two ladies from Notre Dame Catholic School delivered loads of school supplies, as did Janet. Rosa & daughter brought along a wheelchair, walker & hand-crafted rugs & toys. Tom & Scruff were back with more toys, & Briony from Fit 2 Cheer provided new girls sports uniforms.

Paul from One World Uniforms also arrived with huge numbers of new school uniforms, as he has generously done before, but also with corporate wear – jackets, blazers, pants, skirts. There’ll be lots of very smartly dressed young girls & guys headed to school, work or study & feeling very special in their new gear. Thanks Paul!

Please hold all that great stuff for now, come & party Timorese style on May 20 with friends, & we’ll hope to hear those containers will be moved out very soon.

And lastly, the recent Crowdfunding campaign m3 Space for Timor brought in just over $500 towards freight – thanks to Gia, Heiko, Phil, Jan, Peter, Marg & one anonymous donor.