Liman Hamutuk Mailing List

News from Liman Hamutuk in Timor-Leste

Greetings from Timor,

We are currently in the process of putting together a mailing list for occasional updates about Manna Branca and the disability centre, Liman Hamutuk in Hera.

You are receiving this email because of your previous connections with Branca, so we would like to share with you some of the happenings over the last year. Perhaps you have been a financial supporter, a visitor or helped with the building of the centre. So we thought you might like to see what things look like now, how the students are progressing and maybe some ways that you could help out more.

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God bless you, Branca and staff at Liman Hamutuk.

Fun at the airport for the students from Liman Hamutuk
The admin office at Liman Hamutuk

A recent visit to the airport had the children enthralled:

The admin office space assists with counselling & interviewing parents of students:

The container project remains in recess while importation issues into Dili are resolved. It’s a huge frustration & disappointment to the Packing Crew & to those who regularly support the project with donations of goods. Schools call weekly offering furniture & resources – with many trying to stockpile for the project if they can find space. Thank you for your patience & continuing interest.

We hope to see lots of you at TLV’s Restoration of Independence Day Celebrations in Fremantle on Saturday. No need to book a table – just come along, join the fun & maybe learn some Timorese dances.

It’s at the Italian Club – bring food to share.